The project 21GRD03 PaRaMetriC received funding from the European Partnership on Metrology, co-financed by the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme and from the Participating States.

Metrology Partnership projects should continuously engage with potential Stakeholders and Collaborators.

Any company, institute or organization having an interest in the outcomes of the project is potentially a Stakeholder, and we encourage you to get in touch with us!

Contact us to remain updated about the project progress (e.g., through a newsletter twice per year) and share your feedback about what the PaRaMetriC consortium could do to address your specific needs, through dedicated Stakeholder meetings and the creation of a Stakeholder Committee.

Stakeholders may also take an active part in the research activities connected to the project, and become a Collaborator: in this case, a formal "Letter of Agreement" should be signed between the Collaborator and the PaRaMetriC consortium, which would guarantee direct access to the scientific information and results of the project, and contain a description of the joint research activities to be undertaken (e.g., realization of a small demonstrator, realization of in-field tests, fabrication of candidate materials, etc.).

A typical model for an agreement letter for Collaborators can be found on the official Metrology Partnership portal (direct link)