parametric m9 progress meeting at PTB berlin

15-16 June 2023, PTB Berlin

The participants of the PaRaMetriC consortium met at the Berlin headquarters of the PTB for their first interim progress meeting. A total of 32 participants attended the conference, 18 in person and 14 connected remotely.

During the meeting, the partners reviewed together the many activities undertaken by all participants relatively to every Work Package, discussed the properties of the most promising samples capable of delivering sub-ambient passive radiative cooling, identified future opportunities for impact and dissemination, and presented several key scientific results that have been already achieved!

An impressive tour of the Infrared Radiometry laboratories in Berlin was also organized by our colleagues at PTB.

Last but not least, the meeting also included updated from the activities undergoing in Rwanda relative to the Cool White project, plus a parallel stakeholder meeting with researchers from the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems, Urban and Residential Technologies in Oldenburg, which highlighted many common interests and ideas for future collaborations!