Parametric and spacecool INc. start  a collaboration

28 November 2023

SPACECOOL Inc.  (SPACECOOL) and PaRaMetriC, a joint research project funded by the European Partnership on Metrology aiming to standardize the testing of passive radiative cooling (PRC) materials, have launched a collaboration to assess the cooling performance and durability of the SPACECOOL® film (hereafter referred to as 'Material'), a highly scalable PRC material that can provide cooling without any electricity consumption.

In recent years, radiative cooling materials are emerging as a promising solution for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in various application fields including building cooling, refrigeration and thermal management. However, the lack of standards and validated methods for measuring their cooling performance is hindering their widespread adoption and comparability.

SPACECOOL will participate in PaRaMetriC as a Collaborator and will work with the other members of the Consortium towards the development of characterization methods, demonstration tests and life cycle assessments for PRC materials, by providing the Material and commenting the results with the project partners. The goal is to contribute to the standardization of reliable and reproducible PRC materials, in line with the objectives of PaRaMetriC.

Based on the preliminary evaluation of the Material, the PaRaMetriC Consortium has decided to include it as one of the candidate benchmark materials that will be fully characterized during the project, both under laboratory conditions, and during in-field measurement campaigns. SPACECOOL and PaRaMetriC are looking forward to collaborating and advancing passive radiative cooling technologies and their application.

For their leading role in the field of passive radiative cooling, SPACECOOL has been selected to exhibit at the COP28 Japan Pavilion* as one of the companies supporting the realisation of Japan’s long-term goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and the worldwide efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. During the event, launching November 30th, the collaboration between SPACECOOL and PaRaMetriC will also be presented, to highlight our joint commitment towards the standardisation of passive radiative cooling technologies.


SPACECOOL Inc. manufactures and sells a material achieved by using Osaka Gas’ proprietary optical control technology, which makes it possible exert a net cooling power below ambient temperature without energy consumption, by suppressing solar heat gains and enhancing heat dissipation through thermal radiation to space. Additional information is available at: https://spacecool.jp/en/ 

21GRD03-PaRaMetriC (Metrological framework for passive radiative cooling technologies) is a research project funded from the European Partnership on Metrology co-financed from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme and by the Participating States and administered by the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET).

The PaRaMetriC consortium, coordinated by the Italian National Metrology Institute (INRIM), comprises 16 additional partners in the public and private sector with the aim to standardize radiative cooling materials and their performance evaluation methods through 1) the development of a metrological framework for their classification and reliable comparison, 2) the development of modelling methods to correlate their performance under different atmospheric conditions with the thermal and optical properties of their components and 3) the setting up of long-term in-field tests to assess their performance and durability under realistic application conditions. Additional information is available at: https://parametric.inrim.it/home and https://www.euramet.org/project-21grd03

EURAMET administers the European Partnership on Metrology by delegation from the European Commission. EURAMET is a regional metrology organisation with a membership composed of European national metrology institutes and designated institutes that aims to accelerate Europe's global lead in metrology research dedicated to supporting new and innovative products that address societal challenges such as health, environment and climate change, and enable the effective design and implementation of the necessary regulations and standards. Additional information available at: https://www.euramet.org/